Kendall in Vogue (x)


serenas should literally be: is a hoe

And the rest of us are not treated like human beings. Period.(x)

08.16.14: Kendall out in West Hollywood [HQs]

08.16.14: Kylie out in West Hollywood [HQs]


Kim and North leaving their apartment in Soho, New York 8/12/14

February 8, 2013 - On Set Of Good Morning America

just looking at this brings me to tears. my heart aches for robin williams and those close to him. freshmen year i watched this in english class and although for the majority of the time i was taking notes i can’t express enough how much this scene means to me. when mr. keating was leaving and the boys that really absorbed what he was teaching show him that they love him and want him to stay and will never forget him. i am sooooo unbelievably sad about his passing. so i apologize for anyone annoyed about me posting so many things about him but i can’t help him this film, this actor was honestly so engrossed in my childhood it’s hurts so much to think he’s gone :(